Question: How Much Do VIPKid Teachers Get Paid?

Is it hard to get a job at Vipkid?

VIPKID is admittedly strict when it comes to their teacher requirements – while you might see some of their competitors hiring blindly and without defined criteria, VIPKID has earned the reputation of being very thorough and hands-on with their screening process and has requirements for everything from a teacher’s ….

How do I get the most money from Vipkid?

3 Steps to Increase Your VIPKID PayOpen More Slots. No, this isn’t some sarcastic way to earn more money (though you will by teaching more, of course.) … Get a Regular Schedule Going. Start to cut back your lessons. … Fill in Spaces with 24-Hour Bookings.

How much do teachers make at VIPKid?

VIPKid pays between $7-9 per 25-minute class plus $2 per class if you hit a minimum of 45 classes each month and are on time to all of them. Most teachers say it equates to roughly $20 an hour if you do two, 25-minute classes per hour.

How often do you get paid with VIPKid?

Teachers are paid through direct bank deposits between the 10th and 15th of each month.

How long does it take to get hired with Vipkid?

1-2 weeksFor most people, the full VIPKID hiring process takes 1-2 weeks. Since some of the steps involve coordinating with a mentor teacher, it might take you longer if you have a busy schedule.

Does Vipkid give you a w2?

Prior to signing your contract, VIPKID will require you to submit your tax information, which comes in the form of a W-9. Since we are independent contractors, we fill out a W-9 form rather than a W-2.

How much do you really make with VIPKid?

Your base rate will vary, depending on your experience and your first interview. It will be between $7- $9 USD per 25-minute class. This means that you can make a base rate of $14 – $18 USD per hour. Continue reading to check out the VIPKid Bonuses!

How many hours can you get with Vipkid?

VIPKID requires a minimum 7.5 hour per week commitment. The 7.5 hours per week have to be during Beijing peak hours.

How much money can you make a month with Vipkid?

Conclusion. VIPKID can look just about however you want it to: You can turn it into a full-time job and work all hours of the night, earning $4,000 per month. Or you can do what I do and teach a few hours each morning, earning between around $150 and $700 per month depending on your schedule.

Does Vipkid check your degree?

Since they don’t ask for proof of a degree right off the bat, it has applicants wondering, “does VIPKID check for a degree?” The answer is yes, VIPKID does check your degree. … VIPKID spends 7-10 days checking all of your documents to make sure you qualify before you can begin teaching.

Is Vipkid a pyramid scheme?

Definitely not a pyramid scheme – the pay is actually quite good and you don’t actually have to invest any money assuming you have a headset and computer or iPad.

Is working for VIPKid worth it?

You can teach while your child is sleeping and not have to pay for childcare. Just make sure there’s someone who can tend to your kid if they wake up since you won’t be able to leave in the middle of class. If you’re one of the many people stuck at home right now and in need of work, VIPKID is definitely worth it.

How long does a Vipkid class last?

25 minutesClasses are 25 minutes each, scheduled in 30-minute time slots because you have to put in feedback for the parents when the class is finished. The extra 5 minutes gives you time to do this while the class is still fresh in your mind.

What percentage of applicants get Vipkid?

Only 6% of all applicants get hired every month. This is because a lot of applicants get stuck in the process and many others fail along the way. That being said, getting hired by VIPKID is not an impossible task. There are currently over 60,000 teachers, including myself, who have passed the interview process.