Question: What Frowned Upon Means?

What is another word for disapprove?

SYNONYMS FOR disapprove 1 deplore, decry, criticize..

What look over means?

transitive verb. : to inspect or examine especially in a cursory way.

What is deplore in English?

verb (used with object), de·plored, de·plor·ing. to regret deeply or strongly; lament: to deplore the present state of morality. to disapprove of; censure. to feel or express deep grief for or in regard to: The class deplored the death of their teacher.

What is another word for different?

Some common synonyms of different are disparate, divergent, diverse, and various.

What is the meaning of the word frowned?

verb (used without object) to contract the brow, as in displeasure or deep thought; scowl. to look displeased; have an angry look. to view with disapproval; look disapprovingly (usually followed by on or upon): to frown upon a scheme.

What is the meaning of scowl?

verb (used without object) to draw down or contract the brows in a sullen, displeased, or angry manner. to have a gloomy or threatening look.

What does it mean to look upon someone?

To consider or regard something in a specific manner. Some people look upon lexicography as their life’s work. To gaze at something; to look on.

What does look out mean?

the act of looking out or keeping watch. a watch kept, as for something that may happen. a person or group keeping a watch. a station or place from which a watch is kept. an object of care or concern: That’s not my lookout.

What is the meaning of look down upon?

To look down upon is defined as to consider someone or something lesser or inferior in some way. An example of look down upon is to consider someone less intelligent than you are to be dumb or stupid.

What does reproach mean?

noun. blame or censure conveyed in disapproval: a term of reproach. an expression of upbraiding, censure, or reproof. disgrace, discredit, or blame incurred: to bring reproach on one’s family. a cause or occasion of disgrace or discredit.

What does denounce mean?

verb (used with object), de·nounced, de·nounc·ing. to condemn or censure openly or publicly: to denounce a politician as morally corrupt. to make a formal accusation against, as to the police or in a court. to give formal notice of the termination or denial of (a treaty, pact, agreement, or the like).

What’s a word for frowned upon?

Words Related to frown (on or upon) disrelish, object (to), pooh-pooh.