Quick Answer: Can Anyone See My Local Files On Spotify?

Can people see what I listen to on Spotify?

Spotify automatically shares all its users’ activity with followers and with the public.

By default, anyone with an account can also see your public playlists, your recently played music and your followers.

As long as you have a Spotify account and you know the person’s username, you can search for and follow any user..

Can you be private on Spotify?

While Spotify is often used for sharing playlists with friends, there may be some playlists you want to keep private. This is easy to do with Spotify’s “Make Secret” option. … You can make a Spotify playlist private in both the desktop app for Mac and PC, and the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Where can I find local files on Spotify?

Click in the top-right corner of the app and select Settings. Scroll down to Local Files. You’ll now see the name/path of the folder(s) where your local files are stored.

Does Spotify notify when you follow someone 2020?

Spotify does not have a feature to notify you of new followers.

How do you stop people from seeing what you listen to on Spotify?

How to start a private session on the Spotify appOpen the Spotify up on your Android or iOS device and select the settings icon at the top right-hand side of the screen.Then tap on the Social tab half way down the menu list.Simply turn the toggle on for the option to Start a private session to listen anonymously.More items…•