Quick Answer: Can I Do FSc Again After Passing FSC?

What comes after FSc?

After the successful completion of Inter (FSc Pre-Medical) the aspirants may go for various fields which include:Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)Doctor of Pharmacy (D.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.

BSc (Nursing)Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)More items….

Can I do FSc in one year in Pakistan?

yes you can give your combined exam of fsc. if you have passed a time limit of 2 year after passing matriculation examinations.

What is the hardest ACCA exam?

Which were the hardest papers at this September’s ACCA exam sitting? SBR and PM stand out as the hard papers this September, according to Open Tuition’s latest poll.

Is ACCA harder than degree?

ACCA and Accounting Degree, which is more difficult? An accounting degree is easier than ACCA due to a gradual progression of difficulty throughout the 3 years of study.

Can I do ACCA after FSc?

yes you can do ACCA after FSc Pre-Engineering. if you have interest in ACCA program than it is a good field for you.

Who earns more ACCA or CA?

So, in India generally, companies look for a CA instead of an ACCA just because CA is a more Indian Accounting Laws intended course whereas ACCA is a global course. … According to payscale.com, the average salary of an ACCA in India is 5.9 lakhs whereas the average salary of a CA in India is 7.4 lakhs.

Which country pays highest in ACCA?

the USAOne of the highest-paying countries for ACCA is the USA. The salary in USA ranges between Rs. 29.6 LPA to Rs. 88.2 LPA.

Why is ACCA so expensive?

Because they have an international brand and have to maintain their reputation. ACCA spend money on, # Syllabus framing, … Compared to the salary you will get after completing ACCA, then too, ACCA is cheap.

What is best option for student in medical with less marks in FSc?

Other good options in the field of medical sciences where you can go include Vision Sciences, Optometry, Cardiac Perfusion, Anaesthisiology, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Technology, Imaging Technology etc…

What is FSc degree in Pakistan?

FSc is an abbreviation for the Faculty of Science. This is a science-based study program for intermediate students. This is the local education system in Pakistan, conducted by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE). In FSc, there are two subject groups, known as pre-medical and pre-engineering.

What is FA Education Pakistan?

Fsc stands for Faculty of Science and FA stands for Faculty of Arts. Education – Encyclopedia of Pakistan. Faculty of Science (FSc. Pre Eng.)

Which field has highest salary in Pakistan?

The best-paying jobs in PakistanAccountant.Architect.Neurosurgeon.Financial Analyst.Lawyer.Electrical Engineer.Software Engineer.Project Manager.

Which field in medical is best?

The 10 highest-paying health care jobsPhysicians and surgeons. What you’d do: Physicians and surgeons are the highest-earning professionals in the health care world. … Dentists. … Podiatrists. … Pharmacists. … Nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners. … Optometrists. … Physician assistants. … Veterinarians.More items…

Is ACCA costly?

This Field is an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a UK-based body which extends the global certification in Accountancy….ACCA Course Details.CourseACCAFee Offered3 lakhs for the courseCourse TypeFull TimeStarting salary offered4 to 10 lakhsAdvance CoursesAdvanced Diploma in Accounting and Business5 more rows

How many times I can improve FSc?

You have three chances…you can either repeat one part or improve combined subjects. when you avail these chances then you can not repeat one part…Then you can only repeat whole fsc with new registration…

What is the starting salary of ACCA?

An individual with ACCA qualification can earn an average salary of up to INR 8 lac p.a. The payscale generally ranges between INR 4 lac p.a. To INR 15 lac p.a. It could go higher too, depending upon candidate’s skills, company’s demands, competition, etc.

What is the ACCA pass mark?

50%In order to pass the ACCA foundation level exam you must score a mark of 50% or more – which is more than capable with the right preparation.

How can I improve my FSc marks?

If you wish to improve your marks and believe that there has been an issue in your grading, then you can opt for a rechecking for your examinations. This will provide you with One More Chance to improve your grades per subject requested.

Can I do FSc again?

Yes you can take admission in Pre-Medical from different board of education but in this manner you must have to cancel you old result to attain the new admission in Pre-Medical Fireld. for more detail & information please visit the Head office of relevant Board of Education.

Is FSc easier than a level?

Passing Fsc is more difficult then A-Levels .. If one thinks about it dispassionately the great divider and more so the equaliser is the English language, something not so difficult to get a sound working knowledge of and it makes up 80% of the difference.

Which field is best for medical students?

What are the Top Degree options for Pre-medical Students?Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.BS in Diet and Nutrition.BS Medical Laboratory Technology.BS Vision Sciences.BS Intensive Care.Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)More items…•