Quick Answer: Can You Connect Alexa To A Printer?

Can Alexa send to printer?

Yep, by getting the right information from your printer and enabling the correct skill through Alexa, you can direct a print job to your HP printer simply by speaking to Alexa.

The trick is to first snag your printer’s email address.

You then enable the HP Printer skill through Alexa on your mobile device..

What can Alexa connect too?

Check out the devices in your home you can control with your voice and Alexa:Smart Home hubs compatible with Alexa. Amazon. … The same goes for fixed lights. YouTube/MrPlasm0. … Smart outlets. … Smart door locks. … Alarm systems. … Smart thermostats. … Garage doors. … Turn on your gadgets, like TVs and sound systems.More items…•

What can Alexa do with an HP printer?

HP Printer Skill for Amazon AlexaSay hello to voice-activated printing. Make printing as easy as talking. … Get inspiration with every print. You can ask the HP Printer Skill to print coloring pages, games, notebook paper and more. … Help and support. Find help at www.hp.com/go/HPAlexaPrint or through HP Support on Facebook Messenger.

Can my Canon printer print Alexa?

You can have your Amazon Alexa communicate directly with your Canon Printer. By asking Alexa, you can have your Canon printer print countless things like lists, templates and coloring pages, to even check your ink levels and read printer notifications.

How do I connect my HP printer to Alexa?

Enable the HP Printer skill from your mobile device or computer.Install the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device or sign in to your Amazon account on your computer. … Open Alexa Skills. … Search for HP, and then click HP Printer from the skills list.Click Enable to Use.More items…

What can I ask Alexa to print?

Here are some examples:“Alexa, print my shopping list”“Alexa, print my to-do list”“Alexa, print a crossword”“Alexa, print a Sukodu puzzle”“Alexa, print a coloring page”“Alexa, print a [food name] recipe”“Alexa, print a test page”“Alexa, print graph paper”