Quick Answer: How Do You Say You’Re On My Mind?

What came into your mind?

: to be remembered or thought of by someone I didn’t mean to offend you.

I just said the first thing that came to/into my mind..

Can your mind play tricks on you?

So, while not exactly a technical term, cognitive distortion is a way your mind is “playing tricks” on you. This happens all the time. … This is what “cognitive distortions” mean – distorted thinking. It happens automatically when your brain processes your surrounding environment.

Can your mind play tricks on you with anxiety?

But when does this run haywire in our minds? When we are more susceptible to stress, depression, or anxiety, our brains may be playing tricks on us. A cycle of continuing to look for what is wrong makes it easier to find what is wrong out there. It’s called a confirmation bias.

What’s on your mind synonyms?

what is on your mindpenny for your thoughts. idi. & phr.what do you think. phr.share your thoughts. phr.tell me your thoughts. phr.i’d like to know what you’re thinking. phr.share your ideas. phr.share your opinion. phr.what’s on your mind. phr.More items…

When things play on your mind?

1 Answer. Something plays on your mind if you’re continuously worrying about it. I’ve always known the expression as play on one’s mind, but in is just as common (bad choice of word, since neither occur that much).

What does to my mind mean?

phrase. You say or write to my mind to indicate that the statement you are making is your own opinion.

How do you say you’re thinking about someone?

Thinking of You“I’ve been thinking about you.”“You’ve been on my mind a lot lately.”“Thinking of you always makes my day.”“Just wanted to send some happy thoughts your way today.”“I just came across an old photo of us, and it got me thinking about how much fun we always have together…”More items…•

How do you know if someone is thinking of you?

A sudden itch or twitching of your eye—someone is thinking about you. … So basically, if their right eye twitches, someone is praising them, while for the left eye it means someone is trash-talking them or thinking about them in a bad way.

What does personally mean?

1 : in person attend to the matter personally. 2 : as a person : in personality personally attractive but not very trustworthy. 3 : for oneself : as far as oneself is concerned personally, I don’t want to go.

What does you’re on my mind mean?

When something or someone is on your mind, it means that you think and worry about this thing or person a lot. When you have something or someone in your mind, you just think of this thing or person without the worrying connotation.

Which is correct in my mind or on my mind?

1 Answer. We tend to say something is “on my mind” when something is preoccupying our thoughts – that we are actively thinking about it. Otherwise, we say something is “in my mind” to denote that we have remembered something but it is not at the forefront of our thoughts.