Quick Answer: What Is The Deliverable In The System Security And Support Phase?

What is the end product of system analysis?

The end product for the systems analysis phase is the system requirements document.

The system requirements document describes management and user requirements, cost and benefits, and outlines alternative development strategies..

What is the main aim of the analysis phase?

The purpose of the Requirements Analysis Phase is to transform the needs and high-level requirements specified in earlier phases into unambiguous (measurable and testable), traceable, complete, consistent, and stakeholder-approved requirements.

What is the purpose of the system analysis phase?

The analysis phase involves gathering requirements for the system. At this stage, business needs are studied with the intention of making business processes more efficient. The system analysis phase focuses on what the system will do in an effort that views all stakeholders, as viable sources of information.

What is system support and security?

Systems support and security provides a vital protection and maintenance for the system. The emphasis during this phase is to ensure that. sponsor needs continue to be met and that the system continues to perform according to specifications. Routine hardware and software.

What are deliverables in SDLC?

Main_Content. ​The State’s SDLC deliverables provide a framework to ensure that all aspects of the project are properly and consistently defined, and communicated. Deliverables are required for each MITDP to ensure projects are appropriately planned, managed and executed.

What is the deliverable in the system analysis phase?

The analysis phase of your project should result in three important deliverables: a business requirements report, a conceptual system design plan, and high-level strategy documents for the entire process.

What does deliverable mean?

The term deliverables is a project management term that’s traditionally used to describe the quantifiable goods or services that must be provided upon the completion of a project. Deliverables can be tangible or intangible in nature.

What are the steps included in system analysis?

Analysis and SpecificationGather, analyze, and validate the information.Define the requirements and prototypes for new system.Evaluate the alternatives and prioritize the requirements.Examine the information needs of end-user and enhances the system goal.More items…

What are examples of deliverables?

Some examples of process deliverables are:Statement of work.Work breakdown structure.Project scope statement.Project governance plan.

What are key deliverables?

A key deliverable is anything that is produced or provided as a result of a process. … The key deliverables are the main goal, tangible or intangible, has been accomplished — or the many key deliverables set in the timeline along the way.

What are two types of deliverables?

Usually, deliverables are categorized into two types, i.e., internal deliverables and external deliverables.

What are the key deliverables that are created during analysis?

What are the key deliverables that are created during the analysis phase? … The Analysis Phase takes the general ideas in the system request and refines them into a detailed requirements definition and answers the questions of who will use the system, what the system will do, and where and when it will be used.