Quick Answer: What’S The Difference Between Mandatory And Mandate?

How do you define a mandate?


a command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its representative: The president had a clear mandate to end the war.

an authoritative order or command: a royal mandate..

What is a mandate from God?

In Judaism, Christianity, and some other Abrahamic religions, the cultural mandate is the divine injunction found in Genesis 1:28, in which God, after having created the world and all in it, ascribes to humankind the tasks of filling, subduing, and ruling over the earth.

Is Mandation a word?

There’s an entry for mandation in the Oxford English Dictionary. But it means “the action of committing (a sermon) to memory.” Only once citation given, from 1867: “Some of the most acceptable ministers of the Gospel have been known to regard ‘mandation’ as a process of slow murder.”

Who is the mandatory?

1 : required by a law or rule : obligatory the mandatory retirement age. 2 : of, by, relating to, or holding a League of Nations mandate.

What are the types of mandates?

According to your requirements we offer three types of mandates: the discretionary mandate, the advisory mandate and the «Tailor-made» mandate….We elaborate together a strategy in order to define the main parameters:Reference currency.Investment objectives.Risk aversion.Time horizon.Fiscal aspects.

What’s the opposite of mandatory?

Antonyms for mandatory free, optional, unforced, voluntary, unnecessary, nonessential, secondary, inessential.

What does a mandate mean legally?

A judicial command, order, or precept, written or oral, from a court; a direction that a court has the authority to give and an individual is bound to obey.

Does mandatory mean you have to?

If an action or procedure is mandatory, people have to do it, because it is a rule or a law.

What is a mandate example?

The definition of a mandate is a command to do something. An example of mandate is a state requiring schools to teach a particular curriculum. … To assign (a colony or territory) to a specified nation under a mandate of the League of Nations.

What is the mean of mandate?

1 : an authoritative command especially : a formal order from a superior court or official to an inferior one. 2 : an authorization to act given to a representative accepted the mandate of the people.

What does it mean if something is not mandatory?

adjective. Not required by law or mandate; voluntary. ‘the company has a non-mandatory pension scheme’ More example sentences.

What power does a mandate have?

In politics, a mandate is the authority granted by a constituency to act as its representative. The concept of a government having a legitimate mandate to govern via the fair winning of a democratic election is a central idea of representative democracy.

What is the purpose of a mandate?

A mandate essentially becomes an opportunity for various medical service providers groups to pick the pockets of consumers and taxpayers. They lobby to get their service included in the mandatory package. Consumers use it, because hey, it’s practically free.

What does mandate mean in banking?

A bank mandate is a document that lets a bank know who is authorised to access an account, which can include additional private parties besides the account holder. People on the bank mandate are called account signatories.