What Is Considered A Specimen?

What is the difference between specimen and sample?

A sample is a subset taken for some purpose from a larger population.

A specimen is an individual member of the sample.

For example, we might take a sample of 3 rocks from a bag..

What is a specimen document?

(ˈspɛsɪmɪn ˈkɒpɪ) a copy of a document regarded as typical of that type of document.

What is specimen mean in science?

specimen. (Science: microscopy) A piece or portion of a sample selected for examination. The specimen may, or may not be representative, whereas the sample may have been selected to be representative.

What is the procedure for collecting specimens?

Specimen collection and processing proceduresAvoid patient identification errors. … Draw the tubes in the proper sequence. … Use proper containers for collection. … Mix all tubes ten times by gentle inversion immediately after collection.Do not decant specimens from one type of container into another.More items…

What are the most common types of culture specimens?

The most common culture specimens taken in microbiology are sputum (saliva/mucus), stool, urine, and throat.

What does specimen copy mean?

(ˈspɛsɪmɪn ˈkɒpɪ) a copy of a document regarded as typical of that type of document. If a specimen copy of this summary is required prior to booking please do not hesitate to request one.

What is the use of specimen?

A specimen is a sample of something, like a specimen of blood or body tissue that is taken for medical testing. The noun specimen comes from the Latin word specere, meaning “to look.” Biologists collect specimens so they can get a better look at something to study it.

What are the different types of specimen?

The types of biological samples accepted in most clinical laboratories are: serum samples, virology swab samples, biopsy and necropsy tissue, cerebrospinal fluid, whole blood for PCR, and urine samples. These are collected in specific containers for successful processing in the laboratory.

What is the purpose of specimen collection?

It is a foundational principle for any laboratory test procedure that the value of the test is compromised or even negated by using specimens that have not been properly collected, labelled, handled or stored prior to and during the testing process.

What is the meaning of Signature of Applicant?

An applicant is someone who signs up or applies for something. A job applicant for example, often fills out a form and then interviews for the position she hopes to get. When you submit your college application to a school you’d like to attend, you are an applicant to that school.