Where Can I Find Recently Watched Tik Toks?

Why do my comments disappear on TikTok?

There is more information about this in the article, but maybe TikTok does that with comments in live streams or with comments for saved videos.

Tik tok censors comments so if you’re using curse words or being naughty in the comments, it will be invisible..

How do I view my YouTube comment history?

Go to your homepage and click history in the left column. View your comment history. You can view public comments you’ve left across YouTube. At the top of the page, click Comments on videos history.

Can you delete your own comment on TikTok?

However, deleting a comment is simple. 1. Open the TikTok comment thread that includes the comment you wish to delete. Note that you can only delete comments you have made; you cannot delete other users’ comments.

Do you get notified if someone deletes your comment on YouTube?

I’m a YouTuber and I deleted a comment that someone left on my video, will they be notified that I deleted their comment? No they’re not notified, that is unless the channel owner decides to tell them by replying before deleting. … There are other reasons, too numerous to mention, but YouTube won’t notify the poster.

Can you view who has seen your Tik Toks?

While TikTok does allow users to see how many people have viewed their TikTok videos, the short-form video app has not made it possible to see exactly who has viewed your TikTok videos. … While the app doesn’t allow you to see specific video viewers, you can see who exactly has viewed your profile.

How can I see my TikTok comment history?

You can only find your TikTok comments if other people have liked them or replied to them. If your comment received likes or replies from other users, then you might be able to find it in the “All activity” section. The “All Activity” section in TikTok. This section can be accessed via your notifications.

How do you search TikTok without an account?

If you’re using Tik Tok and want to: find someone on Tik Tok without asking for their username….There are really only 4 ways to find someone on Tik Tok:By searching their Tik Tok username.By scanning their Tik Tok QR code.By looking them up in your contact list.By adding them among your Facebook Friends.

How can I see my comment history?

View your comment historyGo to Comment History.To go to the original place you posted your comment, click or tap the content.

How do I know if I am Shadowbanned on TikTok?

TikTok won’t notify you your account has been shadowbanned, so you need to look closely at your page views. This is the best way to determine your account status. If you see a smaller number of followers than you’re used to, it may just be that you’re not posting when the majority of your followers are online.

Why can’t I search someone on TikTok?

This error can pop-up due to some network issues. The most common issue can be if you are using a VPN or Proxy. Make sure to turn it off as this can cause difficulties for TikTok to connect with their serves. Another thing worth notice is to make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

Can you see all the comments someone has made on YouTube?

If the user’s subscriptions are public, you can also see the channels they’re subscribed to. … But what’s most notable about it is that you can view how many comments the user has left on the channel that posted the video you’re watching.

Do TikTok messages disappear?

We’re not going to beat around the bush with this one. Unfortunately, there is no way to “unsend” a message on TikTok. If you delete a message on your end, it will be deleted from your phone’s memory, but the person you sent it to will still see it in their inbox.

What is shadow banned TikTok?

The most common definition of a shadowban on TikTok is when an account abruptly stops receiving views, likes, and traffic from the For You page. Users feel that if they’d had success previously, and that success suddenly dries up, it’s a result of TikTok’s algorithm choosing to surface their content less often.

Where can I find a Tiktoker?

Also, there are some other ways that are worth trying:Open TikTok and tap on “me“Tap on top “user icon”If you want to find the TikTok users from your contacts then click on “find contacts”Here you can see that your contacts will display here if they using TikTok.More items…

Can you search TikTok?

To browse all of TikTok’s current challenges, tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the home screen. At the top of this same menu, there’s a search bar, which can be used to search for specific creators, sounds, or hashtags.